No More Bad Apples

WARNING: Facts, OPNIONS and Inspiration behind the Photo are within this article

It was recently reported by the LA times that 4 gangs operate within the LAPD. The 4 gangs include the “Spartans , Regulators, Grim Reapers , and the Banditos.”  All 4 of these gangs have been, or are going to be investigated for gang related doings. Those doings include illegally arresting someone to meet their monthly quotas, not showing up to a 911 call they didn’t want to go to, and or slowly showing up to a 911 Call. All those actions sound super absurd, but those are the many ways to be recruited and how you become apart of a lawful gang. Most of these gangs have certain requirements to be able to join in which one of the many ways include not being African American nor being female.

The “Banditos” work on the East side of L.A with accusations saying they control everything about L.A in that area, from not sending extra backup when dangerous calls came in, enforcing illegal arrest, and many other forms of harassment. Every Bandito member has tattoo with a skeleton wearing a somebero , a bandolier around his body while pointing a pistol. Under oath a Compton deputy admitted to having that tattoo on his leg  and with further investigation they found the same picture on another deputies desk, but this deputy was found to be part of the “executioners gang.” Many of the Bandito members look to recruit young latinos to come work for them or just cause problems for anybody who disagrees with their tactics.

With our current situation going on, I believe that defunding the police shouldn’t be an option for the fact that we need people out there to actually enforce Laws. Defunding the police will only create more problems. What I think would be the best option would be police reform throughout the police departments statewide. Fire all the police, pick the good apples from the bad apples, and require more training from all newly hired officers. I believe that one requirement that should be enforced would be making the police force required to have at least a blue belt from any form of martial arts. This is one of the many training activities that will help cops handle situations in a more commonly manner. I believe that this requirement is a big one for this reason being. Say a police officer is put into a fight or flight situation and they KNOW HOW to defend themselves, they wouldn’t and or shouldn’t think of  the gun first. They should and will probably be thinking about the fighting move that was taught to them. So, let’s stop saying “defund the police” and let’s think of a better more useful plan to where they gradually start putting that money into good use.



Written by :  Antonio (Tony) Licea

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