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No More Bad Apples

WARNING: Facts, OPNIONS and Inspiration behind the Photo are within this article It was recently reported by the LA times that 4 gangs operate within the LAPD. The 4 gangs include the “Spartans , Regulators, Grim Reapers , and the Banditos.”  All 4 of these gangs have been, or are going to be investigated for gang related doings. Those doings include illegally arresting someone to meet their monthly quotas, not showing up to a 911 call they didn’t want to go to, and or slowly showing up to a 911 Call. All those actions sound super absurd, but those are the many ways to be recruited and how you become apart of a lawful gang. Most of these gangs have...

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Fast Fashion is Dangerous

“Fast fashion” in the fashion industry  is responsible for 10% Co2 gas emissions ,  a total of 79 billion metres of water usage and current usage of "44 trillion liters of water usage annually”. Most of fast fashion is made up overseas mostly due to cheap labor, but with cheap labor comes dangerous consequences.    A lot of the chemicals being used for the fabrics has ruined pollution and has ruined the air to breath in. For example, crops made to make clothing such as cotton or polyester are sprayed down with pesticides which then goes into the air  causing cancers and respiratory diseases. This type of agriculture has caused 1,000 deaths a day globally and causes problems during pregnancy...

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